How Andy created a company with no money

Tenacity, passion [and web skills] build companies. See how Andy built a sucessful online food delivery company with a $4k investment.



Current Facility

During the 2019 expansion, MealPro consolidated operations by bringing the culinary, office, and warehouse teams together under one roof. The image shows the current MealPro facility.


First Brick and Mortar

In 2017 Andy Sartori left his job at Cyber Security leader Check Point Software to convert an out of business donut shop into the first MealPro facilty.


Food Truck

In 2016 MealPro began as a food truck concept.


$4k Investment

In 2015, Andy took all his savings from his fast food restaurant job to purchase a retired US Post office van for $4,000. He would later convert this van into a food truck.