Builidng A Company Without Money

From bootstrapped roots to two thousand meals per day

Andy Sartori transitioned MealPro from an idea on a piece of paper to a real products, customers, revenue and profitability. Andy is one of the few founders who built his businesses the old fashioned way: through scrappy smarts, elbow grease, and paying customers (not venture capital). When a business is capital-efficient from day-1 and demonstrates a proven business model, there's a lot more room to grow.


Expansion Into The Former Casino Building

Currently, MealPro occupies the former Lucky Derby Casino Building in Citrus Heights, CA.

Industrial Expansion

MealPro expanded into an industrial complex.

First Brick & Mortar Expansion

Former Donut Shop Turned Into First Brick and Mortar Location.

Food Truck

The Post Office Van Was Turned Into a Food Truck.

$4k Investment

Retired US Post Office Van Was Acquired for $4k.