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Andy Sartori is a California based angel investor who specializes in seed funding for early stage eCommerce companies.



Andy Sartori provides seed funding and operational support to early stage startups.

Companies receive a $50,000 investment for a 5% equity stake. Companies also gain access to resources (office/warehouse space, software, systems, knowledge and people) that only a much larger company can afford.

Funding Stage

Seed. This is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you're getting started.

Sectors of Focus

SaaS, and eCommerce in every major product category.


Get money and the operational sophistication that only a much larger company can afford.

Drawing on his supply chain and SaaS experience while creating MealPro, Andy gives portfolio companies a plethora of benefits.

Have a place to operate your business

Get dedicated office and warehouse space. Access common amenities like meeting rooms and utilize shared warehouse tools like forklifts, trucks and other material handling equipment.

Access proprietary SaaS

From online payments to subscription automations, our robust SaaS was first developed in 2016. This provides your company with the operational software sophistication of a much larger company.

Leverage a broad Network

From connections in the packaging and distribution industry.. to operating your company (HR compliance, legal structure...) we help you qickly achieve the know-how of a much larger company.

Get money

Companies receive $50,000 in eschange for a 5% equity stake in their company.


What does Andy look for when investing in a startup?

Founders approach Andy at a very specific stage of entrepreneurship. They've been living as employees by day and as entrepreneurs by night. They've experienced traction. They're growing rapidly. Now, there's an inflection point when more complex growth challenges - or opportunities - emerge.

Founder ownership of 40%+

We look for passionate founders who want to retain meaningful ownership of their businesses after we invest. Show us you have skin in the game. This is mission critical for success.

Revenue base of $100k+

Show us you are building a product other people want to buy. We want to help you grow from day-1, building on the foundation you already put in place.

Weekly revenue growth of ~5%

You should be growing significantly faster (by percentage) the smaller you are. SaaS startups should be growing faster than hardware or supply chain intensive startups.

Market size of $1 Billion+

To have any hopes towards growing into a public company there should be a substantial market opportunity. Show us your aspirations for greatness and passion to win. We’ll help you level up.

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