A business mentor to create your company

Acquire the the skills you need to create a revenue generating website and build a successful business around it.



Andy will help you transition from an idea on a piece of paper to real customers, products and revenue. He also helps companies transition to profitability.

I was an entrepreneur like you a few years ago. Having created MealPro, a food online ecommerce business in the US with my own 4k investment, I have experience transitioning from an idea on a piece of paper to real customers, products and revenue. Here are three reasons you need a business mentor:

1. Help guide you in the right direction

An emerging entrepreneur is often a flurry of creativity, and sometimes good ideas can get lost in the blur of fresh thoughts. A good mentor can filter through this by honing in on the key ideas and bringing them to life.

2. Solve problems quickly

While a problem may be new for you, an experienced mentor has probably encountered it before. Advice from someone who has run into a similar roadblock before can save time, money and reduce stress.

3. Do not miss opportunities because of inexperience

Inexperience can cause hesitation and indecision, which in turn can lead to missed opportunities. Expert advice can boost the decision-making process leading to faster, better outcomes.


How can Andy help you as a startup mentor?

Effective mentors provides strategic advice, deal-making ability, and advanced industry experience. In addition to real world business know-how, Andy brings a deep technical knowledge in some key areas:

Web development

Cloud hosting

Server basics

System architecture

Website builder vs coding

Staging and production environments

Content managment systems

Intro to HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS

Digital marketing

I could help you build your online presence as I did with MealPro from zero to thousands web sessions every month. Using the right dose of SEO, email marketing, small amount of paid traffic, a link building to obtain consistent growth.

Packaging and fulfillment

Learn about supply chain, cardboard manufacturing, packaging design and warehouse logistics including ERP implementations.


Andy assesses your company holistically. Andy audits your company across the stages of the customer journey and identifies opportunities for growth.

Andy works with founders at different stages of growth. Some founders are backed by angel investors while others want to make the transition from an idea on a piece of paper to real products, customers and reveneue. Andy's mentoring program will help you develop or refine your company at and all stages of the customer journery:

Awareness Stage

Expand your reach and drive traffic to your website. Learn about building paid ads, organic search or through building a PR campaign.

Acquisition Stage

Learn about conversion rate optimization and how to conduct UX research to move your users to the acquisition stage of the customer journey.

Conversion Stage

Shorten the sales cycle, nurture your leads and deliver relevant content to your users based on where they are in the sales cycle.

Retention & Referral Stage

Decrese churn, incease lifetime value of your customers and leverage marketing automations to build a community around your brand.


Andy's holisitc mentoring program encompasses all aspects of the customer journey

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