A business partner for expansion to the USA

Helping founder owned and capital efficient Italian and German companies expand to the USA.


Value Andy Provides:

+ Product distribution in the U.S.

+ Instant access to California facility

+ US product launch and go-to market

+ English speaking customer service

+ Web translations optimized for US

+ Website optimization for US market

+ SEO/SEM strategies for US consumers

+ Email campaign optimization

Who does Andy partner with?

Andy partners with a small number of founder owned, capital efficient companies that aspire to lead their markets. Key traits Andy partners exhibit are as follows:

+ Proven product

+ Solid revenue base: $2 million +

+ Meaningful founder ownership: 30% +

+ High growth: 50%+ revenue growth

+ Capital efficient: past breakeven

+ Shared alignment and vision

Andy's Compensation:

Andy and his team are compensated by retaining a percentage of online sales and/or through exclusive rights to sell and distribute a product or service within a designated geographic region.

A business partner to expand your business

Are you finding it difficult to find the right business partner that can expand your business in the US?

Finding a business partner who is well-connected is a smart move. If you want to expand your business in the US, you might need access to an extensive network of potential clients, logistics on a big scale, and understanding of marketing strategy.

Offering business partnership to companies at the intersection of technology and retail

My name is Andy Sartori, and I am founder of MealPro, a California company that is changing the future of food with custom meal delivery. – the kind that helps athletes perform, and busy professionals stay healthy, hence his call-out “Eat with Purpose”.

I partner with founder-owned, capital efficient companies from across the world with whom I have a shared alignment and vision who aspire to lead their markets.

Most founders I partner with are at a crossroads when we first meet. Many of them recognize that the market opportunity is bigger than they imagined and believe that with a strategic partner, they could decisively claim market leadership.

Others see a strategic partnership that could increase valuation for an upcoming round of funding. Still others may be big believers in their business, but have some concerns about expanding into a market they know nothing about. This crossroads is the focus of my partner program. I help founders achieve their full aspirations by leveraging my proven resource network.

Do you think that we can become business partners?

If the answer is yes, fill out the form to tell me about your plans and see if we can get an agreement soon.