A strategic partner for United States expansion

Andy Sartori is a local partner to foreign companies that want to expand to the USA.



Andy offers two types of partnerships:

US Expansion

For foreign companies that want to expand to the US.

eCommerce Expansion

For US companies that want to grow through online sales.


What Andy offers partners:

1. Instant access to California facility

I have a full working facility and warehouse in California outfitted with order pickers, conveyor systems from where we distribute product to the US and Canada.

2. Product distribution in the US

I have partnered with different companies that deliver products fast at the best rates. Additionally, I have developed connections in the packaging industry.

3. US product launch & go-to market

The US market is complex. I can help you choose the right segment of the market to launch your products, and then reach your prospective customers using different forms of online advertising.

4. Web development and optimization for US

If you need to develop a website for the US market, I can offer web development, and localization that works for the US market.

5. Digital marketing expertise

SEO/SEM/email strategies for US consumers. I increased the traffic of MealPro by 500% in just two years using the right mix of marketing channels.


Who can be a partner?

Andy partners with established companies that exhibit the following characteristics:

+ Proven product

+ Solid revenue base: $2 million+

+ B2C, eCommerce companies

+ Meaningful founder ownership: 30%+

+ High revenue growth: 50%+

+ Capital efficient: past breakeven

+ Shared alignment and vision


How Partnering Works

1. Assess Feasibility

Contact Andy. Assess syngergies, market opportunity and feasibility.

2. Agree on terms

Negotiate terms, create a new entitity or operate jointly as seperate entitites.

3. Launch & Grow

Develop go-to-market, launch and grow together.

Looking to expand to the United States?